What is Rainwater Collection?


Water in its most natural state is called “rain”.  Gaining in popularity, the practice of harvesting or collecting rainwater has been around for thousands of years.
65k-Gallon Rainwater Tank w/ Matching Pump House
     From a very simplified approach, rainfall is gathered from a collection area (generally a roof) into a storage unit and used for a nonpotable or potable purpose.  Rainwater collection systems range from simple barrels catching rain under a dripping roof to fully automated systems collecting tens of thousands of gallons of rainwater via gutters, piping and pumps.     A nonpotable rainwater collection system includes uses such as yard irrigation, gardening, water for livestock, and commercial or industrial usage.  A potable household system requires additional filtration and treatment primarily for consumption and whole-house use.  With wells going dry, groundwater quality decreasing, and overall water usage rising, rainwater harvesting is becoming one of the fastest growing alternatives available for meeting fresh water demands.  People are recognizing the benefits of rainwater collection and as a result rainwater harvesting is seeing a resurgence in popularity.

    Lakota Water Company has become well-known for designing and installing quality rainwater collection systems.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Key Benefits

>    Naturally pure water
>    No hardness
>    Supports water conservation efforts
>    Healthier plant life
>    Tax exemptions for rainwater harvesting equipment and supplies