Water Treatment Testimonials

It’s been our pleasure to serve nearly 1,000 customers and counting these past 20 years in business. Referrals are our #1 source of advertisement!  We would love your feedback in order to help us improve the quality of water for others. — The Lakota Water Team

7 thoughts on “Water Treatment Testimonials”

  1. Another service provider who worked on a problem with connections between water tanks recommended the Lakota Water Company to us as a good source for service on the water purification portion of our rainwater collection system. Upon inspection of our system’s components they determined we needed a replacement pressure tank, which they competitively priced, promptly procured, and professionally installed. They also pointed out a flaw in our UV water sanitizing unit which, left in place, could have resulted in a failure under pressure–not good as a sole water source at an isolated location. They again found the right unit at the right price and put it in right away. After completing the first filter change following this latest installation I thought about supply chain problems and researched replacement UV lights and filters for the system available through my usual net-based supplier. They offered a competitive but not OEM source for filters and a less-than-retail price for the UV lights, plus a discount. Lakota Water Company offered a still better deal and have now become both our water system service providers and suppliers of choice. If you need your rainwater catchment and/or purification systems worked on, save yourself worry, time, and money and simply call Lakota Water Company. They will take good care of you as they have of us.

  2. I absolutely love living in the country but it’s not for sissies. The Lakota Water Company introduced themselves to me when I first moved into my home (12 years ago) and I’ve relied on them ever since. Their home service is reliable and professional. Working with them relieves any stress that I could be feeling about my water system. Their staff is just a phone call away!

  3. I love our Ecoflow unit. I was purchasing a lot of water softener pellets prior to the Ecoflow, and I had no realization of how much softer my hair and skin would feel. It is almost a blessing that my old water system failed. My husband agrees his skin definitely feels less dry and more moisturized.

  4. Our 12-year-old home was on a water well with the normal water softener system.  The water was evil–we have replaced 4 water heaters and replaced all plumbing fixtures at least twice. We contacted Lakota Water for help in improving our well water.  They installed a whole-house reverse osmosis system along with an Ecoflow Water Conditioner in place of our water softener.  Results have been dramatic in a very positive way and we could not be more pleased with the quality of water we are now receiving.

  5. We were on hard city water before retiring and moving to a home which used the Ecoflow Water Conditioner instead of a water softener. The improvement in our dishes, clothes, skin and hair, and appliances was immediate. We love that we don’t have to perform any maintenance or use any salts or chemicals!

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