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Serving customers all over the world for 20+ years, it’s been our pleasure to serve you. Referrals are our #1 source of advertisement!  We would love your feedback in order to better serve others and support the efforts of water conservation through rainwater collection.

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  1. Alan installed our water system over 20 years ago. We were his first system. Been going strong ever since. They are always quick to respond to issues. Great company and great people!

  2. Reposted from Jetta Brown: https://lakotawatercompany.com/rainwater-harvesting-in-west-texas/
    The best thing we ever did in our life was a day that we called Lakota water company. Here in West Texas our average rainfall is 20 inches a year. Our tank is a 40,000 gallon tank — it has never been below 35,000 gallons. The Lakota water company put our tank in when we were about 80° or more in the summertime and they never slowed down constantly working. They did an exceptional job.
    We are so thankful that we found Lakota water company — if it wasn’t for them during the Arctic freeze we would have had to call someone to haul us water for our livestock. During the Arctic freeze our well froze up that we water our livestock out of. We had to water our cattle, horses and chickens out of our rainwater which was a blessing. The rainwater tank saved our lives and our animals out here in West Texas. I would highly recommend Lakota water company to anyone.

  3. After reviewing a couple of possible companies, we installed the rainwater system from Alan in 2007, well ahead of the wave of people over the past 8 years. Alan and his crew are so responsive and professional in all they do. Yes, it was expensive, but well worth it. The water is so good and all of our appliances are still in new condition, i.e., no build-up of calcium. I recommend Lakota without any reservation.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Brian and Laurie. Yes, we’ve been together a long time and thrilled to continue to serve you folks! Amy

  4. Amy and Alan Rossing have been integral in helping my AP Environmental Science students plan and implement a rainwater catchment system at Dripping Springs High School. They have been patient with our busy schedules and lack of experience, they have been generous with their time and vendor connections, and most of all, they have been supportive partners in this community endeavor. I look forward to working with them privately and on more community projects. 10/10!

  5. Lakota Water Company’s high level of integrity reminds me of my days in the Marine Corps. You can always trust Alan and his sons to carry through with their commitments. They are a bonafide family business…building a legacy of high quality accomplishments.

    We are very happy with, and thankful for, our Lakota rainwater system. Love the fresh and pristine taste of rainwater.

  6. Alan Rossing and the folks at Lakota have a refreshingly rare combination of superior knowledge, integrity, courtesy, dependability, responsiveness, transparency, efficiency, sincerity and precision. We trust them with every drop of water we drink!!! Of all the wonderful things that we enjoy in our new house, the whole-house rainwater system is by far our favorite, and the crew at Lakota is undoubtedly responsible for our daily satisfaction. The mastery of rainwater harvesting and fantastic customer service that the Rossing’s provided during the whole process from design to build to routine maintenance has been stellar. My wife and I will be dedicated lifelong customers of Lakota Water Company.

    1. Alan Rosing came out and replaced our controller in a rainstorm.
      Lakota Water provides superior service and quality products. I’m a life long customer.

  7. Our rainwater system was built by a company that went out of business. We were so lucky to find the Lakota Water Company. They have come out to exchange a smaller tank for a larger one, and to fix any of the problems we’ve had with the original system. I am not the technical member of my family, so my husband could say what they’ve come out to fix. However I am the one who is home when they come to fix the problem, so i can tell you that Mr. Rossing is so nice, and so fair and such a good person. He has done a wonderful job each time we needed help, and he’s never had to come back to “fix his fix”.

    I just can’t recommend him highly enough.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Ms. Wise. Being in business as long as we have, we come across situations like yours quite a bit. We are passionate about water conservation and providing safe, reliable systems to our customers. This applies both to our own work as well as systems whose installers are no longer in business or whose installers don’t offer follow-up maintenance.

  8. We had our system installed 10 years ago when we built our home. Lakota Water Company is the only vendor with whom we have had an ongoing relationship. Alan Rossing operates his company with upmost integrity, always going above and beyond. The friendly customer service never makes us feel like a burden even if we ask for help or advice at an inconvenient time. Living off total rainwater collection is a lifestyle we embrace and celebrate because of the service and high quality work of Lakota.

  9. Thank you for thinking of that, Katie. There are some old listings and subscriptions still in place so please see our website for current information. Thanks, Katie!

  10. Lakota is hands down the most knowledgeable in the rainwater business. Professional, honest and in demand so don’t delay contacting them!

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