Rainwater Harvesting in West Texas

Some say “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” but when the Lakota Water Company crew recently traveled to Fluvanna, Texas it was roaming coyotes, mammoth rattlesnakes, and daily sandstorms which kept them company.

With 80-mph winds as part of the norm in this region, the Lakota crew realized their rainwater collection system would need some extra help.  By reinforcing the  structural support  on the 40,000-gallon system’s piping into the tank, they ensured the integrity of the system.

Lakota Water Company Crew between San Angelo and Lubbock, TX

The crew agreed it was all worth it thanks to the giant, homemade cinnamon rolls and breakfast provided by homeowners John and Jetta.    In addition, these fine folks collected a foot of rain the night the crew left — after getting no rain the past 6 months!

40,000-gallon metal rainwater storage tank in Fluvanna, Texas

One thought on “Rainwater Harvesting in West Texas”

  1. The best thing we ever did in our life was a day that we called Lakota water company. Here in West Texas our average rainfall is 20 inches a year. Our tank is a 40,000 gallon tank — it has never been below 35,000 gallons. The Lakota water company put our tank in when we were about 80° or more in the summertime and they never slowed down constantly working. They did an exceptional job.
    We are so thankful that we found Lakota water company — if it wasn’t for them during the Arctic freeze we would have had to call someone to haul us water for our livestock. During the Arctic freeze our well froze up that we water our livestock out of. We had to water our cattle, horses and chickens out of our rainwater which was a blessing. The rainwater tank saved our lives and our animals out here in West Texas. I would highly recommend Lakota water company to anyone.

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