Latest Projects

Lakota Water Company and its West Central Texas franchise have some exciting rainwater projects in the works for 2019.  From South Texas all  the way to Belize, projects include large-scale residential systems for whole-house use as well as systems for agricultural needs and fire protection.

Many of our new construction projects will be “rainwater only” while others will tie into an existing water source, such as a well, and use our automated backup feature.   Most include systems which stir and sanitize the water over and above the  sterilization methods, keeping the drinking water pristine and free of any microorganisms.   A quality gutter screen is always a must to keep gutters and tanks free of debris and other contaminants.

Solar-powered equipment is also being incorporated into several systems along with NFPA-approved brass fire connections from which local fire departments may draft in case of fire on the property.

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