Solar Power and Rainwater Collection

Being an environmentally-conscious business, Lakota Water Company (LWC) enjoyed the opportunity to incorporate solar energy into one of its large-scale rainwater collection systems.   This property in the Hill Country of Texas included a new home with several outbuildings, pastures, and orchards.  All required a viable source of water.  While the property did have an existing well, its production was extremely limited, often leaving the homeowners and crops without water.

Along with the design and installation of a whole-house use collection system off the roof of the new home, we also utilized the land as a primary collection area for the crops. Targeting the central low point of the property, we created a design which included a liner, excavation, and dike construction of the low area.  This increased the storage capacity to over a million gallons!

With this “pond” collection area being remotely located,  electricity and the conveyance of water to the points of use became the next challenge.  A solar-powered submersible pump capable of providing pressurized water to all points of use was installed.    The property owner is now enjoying great results with his orchard production!



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    1. You bet! In fact, the pump used on this project is designed to accept wind, solar, 115-volt AC, 230-volt AC and automatically distinguishes from among them. Give us a call!

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