Water Softener Alternative

Lakota Water Company is now the Central Texas dealer for a new water treatment product call the Ecoflow Water Conditioner.

While we are most known for our rainwater collection (harvesting) services, many of our rainwater customers have alternative water sources as a backup.  Naturally, they want this secondary source of water to match the quality of their rainwater as closely as possible. Treating the hardness of the backup water supply is one of the primary goals, so most people assume they need a water softener.

The Ecoflow unit is a small canister that replaces the need for a water softener.  It uses a fraction of the storage space and permanently changes hard water through a 3-step process.  It protects appliances from corrosion, removes the need for salt, reduces hard water spotting and scale build-up, and is environmentally friendly!

Visit our Water Treatment Testimonials or the see the last page of the Ecoflow brochure for the latest feedback from our customers.